You have your new boat name. Use our easy to follow guide to get a professional polished look every time. No creases, no bubbles. Really straightforward for anyone with reasonable DIY skills. You can download these instructions here

1. Clean surface thoroughly to ensure no grease or dust present.

2. Carefully tape the graphic to the exact position, using masking tape along the top only.

3.  Check position, adjust if necessary until you are satisfied that you have the graphic in the precise position you require

4. Using the top masking tape as a hinge, raise the graphic enough to cut between each letter, keeping the tape in position.

5. Now, on the first letter  raise the letter and very carefully remove the  protective paper. Take particular care that no parts of the letter come away with the protective layer. Dots of the I and thin letters can bee vulnerable.

6. Using a squeegee, starting from the top, carefully press the graphic into place, keeping the bottom away from the surface as you slowly work downwards, ensuring air bubbles are removed.

7. Now remove the top protective layer carefully, from the bottom up, ensuring the graphic is not lifted from the surface as you do so.

8. Leave the tape ‘hinge’ in place, repeat this process for each letter.

9. Eliminate any air bubble with a pin     and move the air out with your finger or     squeegee.