We believe it is bad luck to keep a boat name you hate!!

However, depending on the legal and registration status of your boat, there may be some formalities.

Small ships register (SSR)

If your boat is registered on the small ships register, also known as Ships Register part 3, then you will need to simply update the records with your new name. You can do this online on the MCA website SSR registration page

UK Ships Register Part one

If your vessel is registered with the UK ships registry part one,  from the MCA. You can apply for a name or port change by downloading a form from the MCA website here.  You must not alter the name or details marked on the ship until you have received a carving and marking notes showing the approved changes.

Unregistered vessels

No problem, change the name as many times as you like but whatever the status of your boat, remember to:

  1. Update your radio licence with new name
  2. Update your EPIRB registration if you have one
  3. Inform your insurance company and have name changed on your insurance policy