For many, choosing a name is the hardest part, even more difficult than deciding the name of your child! There are no rules here, and there are many boats that share the same name, as do many babies!!  Boats are generally referred to as female (is that why they can be so hard to handle sometimes?) although many boat owners use neutral names. But beware of naming your boat after a particular woman. A well known yachtsman un USA named his boat after his wife, and sank 3 times!

We can design the name for you, we can apply it for you, but we cant decide your boat name, you’re on your own here!  But if you really are stuck, check out our ‘INSPIRATION’ page.

Changing Boat name?

There is an old sailors’ tale that changing a boat’s name is bad luck! We don’t agree.

We have changed the name of many boats and we know of no examples of bad luck, only delighted owners.  One thing is certain, it is better to have a name you like, that reflects your preferences and personality, than stick with a name you hate. A boat name represents the unbreakable bond between vessel and owner.

But there may be some formalities.  More >>

Designing your boat name For transom graphics we need to know the maximum height and width of the total area you want your boat name/port/SSR number to be placed. We can then design suitable relative sizes