Easily done by a competent DIY person, but depending on age of the old name, there may be some discoloration of the gel coat around it, so you will need some rubbing compound and elbow grease

To remove the existing vinyl name without damaging the gel coat you will need a hand-held hair dryer and a plastic scraper (we send you a plastic squeegee with your order).


If the old vinyl is particularly stubborn a razor window scraper can be used on the softened vinyl, but VERY GENTLY. Be very precise and use a new blade. There is a risk of scratching the gelcoat if you are not very careful indeed!

Hold the hair dryer about 6" from the surface and set to the low heat setting. Slowly move the light nozzle of the hair dryer back and forth while gently lifting the edge of the vinyl by applying only pressure. The heat from the dryer softens the vinyl but if too much heat is applied, the vinyl will melt and leave a scorch mark on the gel coat, so be careful. After the name has been removed, the area will have to be polished in order to even out the colour of the gel coat.

To remove the old adhesive from the boat use a propriety adhesive remover which can be purchased at from your local Chandlery. Use this BEFORE the rubbing compound. It there is a discolouration from the old name, rub out with rubbing compound and DO NOT WAX area prior to name installation. You may wax over the name after it has been installed about a week.

If there is a wax barrier between the adhesive on the vinyl and the gelcoat, it does not allow the adhesive to bite into the surface and make a permanent bond. Customers who say the name does not stick have not removed all the wax properly!!

You are now ready to apply your new boat name!